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Conservant©  Vocational Rehabilitation

Evaluations, reports, depositions and testimony

The Vocational Rehabilitation Report speaks to the work/wage capacities of the injured person. It provides an in-depth analysis of the patient’s past, present and future status. For many, it is a lifeline that gives hope to the patient and their family..

We give personal attention to every case, developing a picture of what a patient was like prior to injury and how the injury has affected them. Using the patient’s educational and work history and evaluating their current physical, mental and social functioning, our team of professionals will deliver an evaluation that goes beyond standardized imaging scans to illustrate loss of capacity and wage earning potential.

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The Conservant©  Life Care Plan

Analysis, plans, depositions and testimony

A Life Care Plan is a critical tool to demonstrate the real cost in effort and dollars to support a patient after a life-changing injury or illness. The Conservant Life Care Plan gives peace of mind to the patient and provides a plan of care for life.

Our comprehensive analysis covers the full spectrum of living needs, including equipment, consumables, surgeries and therapies. The Conservant©  Life Care Plan takes into account changing needs over the patient’s life expectancy and can provide cost comparisons for different options such as in-home care versus facility care.

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