pancakes and scrambled tofu

Breakfast Pancakes:
$10.99 (2 pancakes) / $12.25 (3 pancakes)
Choice of Original, Blueberry, Banana or Chocolate Chip. Served with scrambled tofu and side salad.

No Bull BBQ Ribs Sandwich

Morning Philly Steak:
$10.95 (fries + $4.00)
Seitan beef, red and green peppers, onions, jalapenos and vegan cream cheese.


Kale Tofu Scramble and Toast

Kale Tofu Scramble & Toast:
Scrambled tofu mixed with kale & 2 slices of toast with vegan butter.

Breakfast Pizza With Scrambled Tofu

Breakfast Pizza With Scrambled Tofu:
$9.99 (small) / $15.99 (large)

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Scrambled Tofu:

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Veggie Sausage:

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Breakfast Burger:
$12.99 (fries + $4.00)
Burger comes with choice of our wildburger or cashew burger.

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Breakfast Scramble Sandwich & Wraps:
$10.50 (fries + $4.00)
Sandwich comes with choice of our No-Tuna or scrambled tofu.

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Power Porridge Smoothie: