“Mrs. Bryant, the recital was wonderful last night. Again, you and Mrs. Dorothy are spectacular. Thanks again for all that you do. We truly appreciate the encouragement, commitment, and dedication devoted to our kids.”
– Cynthia P.

“Mrs. Bryant, you have been a blessing upon Logan and I. You have a gift, and God is using you to enrich the lives of our children, and, for that, I thank you. I will keep doing my Father’s work by sending the little ones to you. Keep blessing the children by enriching their lives.”
– Tanya S.

“Subject: Former Student Praise Report (Joshua Bonner): Mrs. Bryant, it was good speaking with you. I just wanted to send you this summary, because it all started with your piano lessons almost 13 years ago. Joshua Bonner (Freshman at Bowie State University) is a member of the Bowie State University Gospel Choir. He will be accompanying the choir on the piano at the Gospel Music Workshop of America (GMWA) 50th Annual Board Meeting in Las Vegas. We are so proud of his accomplishments.”
– Harold & Patricia B.

“Mrs. Bryant, Keith adored you as a teacher, friend and mentor. You always encouraged him so sweetly and softly. My entire family loves you and your family. When people are as wonderful as you and your family, it leaves one speechless, so I will say,’ Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.’ Keith’s music will always be a Melody that will forever play in my Heart. Thank you Mrs. Bryant for nurturing and training his gift.”
– Sharon M.

“Elaine, I am indebted to you for the time and energy you have spent with me that helped me to grow, and without you there would be no musical future for me. I am grateful for the things that you have helped instill in me as a musician, a performer and as a person. And if I ever become a big time producer or artist, I will definitely grant you a shout out, from the grammy awards stage. Thank you for all that you’ve done.”
– Kwabena O.

“Mrs. Bryant, Thank you so much for the opportunity to have Kordell participate in the Christmas Recital. It was a wonderful experience for Kordell as well as our entire family. We are extremely proud of Kordell. In such a short time, he has shown incredible musical talent. We look forward to many great things from him. I would like to commend you on the extraordinary production that you orchestrated. It was well done and extremely tasteful. We will cherish the evening for years to come, and look forward to next year’s event. As a momento, would you happen to have any tickets to the event left? We would like to have a ticket for our scrap book.”
– Jackie B.

“Mrs. Bryant, I can’t thank you enough for all you have done for Jon through music. I remembered when Jon was in the second grade and we were told he had a learning disability. We held Jon back one year so that he could catch up with his class. Since he started kindergarten at 4 years old, I felt holding him back one year would not hurt him. We took him to Georgetown University where they performed a series of tests to determine his disability. They could not find anything wrong with him. He followed directions and performed well, while working with the instructors one on one. However, when he was put in a group situation, he did not perform as expected. Later, the doctors found he had a hearing impairment. After having a minor ear operation and speech therapy for over three years, he started to improve. However, my husband and I truly believe the piano lessons really helped him to concentrate and study better. He did not make the honor roll this year at BMHS; however, he finished the year with a 3.07 GPA. Honor roll at his school is 3.2 GPA, but it was a great accomplishment for him. He has worked at the golf course all year, took piano lessons, HP Statistics, Physics, Pre-Calculus and Economics and completed his required Christian Service Hours. Jon has come a long way and we know you were very instrumental in helping him meet his goals.”
– Tuwanda S.

“Dear Mrs. Bryant, Thank you for being my piano teacher. Thanks for teaching me all I need to know. I love your smile! You are beautiful, kind, smart, amazing, joyful, and thank you for teaching me how to play. I hope you keep praising God with your talent. I hope you keep walking in God’s footsteps because He is taking you very FAR. Thank You!!”
– Jelia Q. D.

“Mrs. Bryant, The Music & Arts Festival was outstanding! At times, I felt like I was at a Stevie Wonder concert. Thanks for your hard work and dedication with all the children.”
– Patricia B.

“Wonderful Recital!!!!!!!!!!
Elaine, As always, it was a wonderful recital. The kids are truly growing musically, even the beginners. It was a good idea to alternate the beginners and the more experienced students. It added much variety and kept everyone’s focus. The jazz ensemble and the fashions were a nice added touch. Darren played so well until it felt like the recital was over after he played. I am very proud of the growth that I see in him and the others. Blessings and Peace!”
– Betty W.

“Mrs. Bryant, Thank you for a lovely evening. I was very much impressed by all of the kids and especially proud of Jennifer. She has extreme shyness and stage fright, and her performance Sunday broke the yoke!! My entire family enjoyed it so much!”
– Stephanie P.

“Mrs. Bryant, On Thursday, May 29, 2008, Joshua Played, My Tribute for his classmates, teachers, and parents during an award ceremony. His performance was outstanding! Thanks again for your dedication and patience.”
– Patricia B.

“Mrs. Bryant, Jaron came to me last week to thank you and me for insisting that he learn the piano. So,..you done good!”
– Patricia H.

“Dear Mrs. Bryant, My beautiful wife also known as Mrs. Christine L. Kocher will celebrate another birthday on September 22, 2020. This will be a milestone birthday that approximately 6 years ago I was concerned she might not make it. Due to an illness she had retired from her career in law enforcement and while healing she had lost part of that enthusiasm for life that makes living worthwhile.

After speaking to my friend, Mr. James DeGraffenreidt, who is also a talented musician. I was directed to talk to you about piano lessons for beautiful wife. During our initial meeting with you, she lamented that she did not want to begin her piano study alone. This is how I first learned besides being a caring person, you are also a business woman since you immediately turned to me asking in that famously diplomatic voice, “did you not say you would like to study piano some day?”

So, in March 2015 began the adventure that would be Al’s and Beautiful’s introduction to our lifelong dream of learning to play the piano. I was concerned that I did not have the prerequisite talent let alone learning skills needed, while Beautiful was concerned about her arthritis and sinus illness would hinder her. Little did we know about your personal caring life energy, teaching skills, and that proverbial patience that would put any of my professors, military instructors, and “Jedi Masters” to shame. You gave me only two rules: 1. Show up and 2. there is no “I cannot do this.” I am not quite sure exactly what you told beautiful wife because discretion, privacy, and diplomacy are your watch words. However, you were not quite content to have my wife as just a piano student. Approximately, four months after we started you asked my wife to try voice lessons. Not long after that both my wife and myself changed up to one-hour lessons and in June of 2018 she not only went to her 50th high school reunion but sang her first gospel solo in over a decade with a voice that was healed from three minor and one major sinus surgery along with the Rheumatoid Arthritis pain and soreness that is her constant companion.

Then came March of 2020 when Beautiful and myself were to graduate from “elementary piano school” with a mini recital. Mrs. Kocher was not happy at first, but under your direction she was quite satisfied with her performance and thankful for your efforts.

While I realize that you have been told how much we both appreciate you, sometimes praise should also be put in the written word.”
– Al K.