TISOMO strengthens the alignment of strategy and human capital to optimize organizational performance capabilities using data-informed insights and industry best practices.


  • Be the first choice for organizations that recognize and value human capital as a driver of organizational performance.
  • Be the best in the industry at using data, analysis, and curiosity to reveal unique insights and craft elegant solutions to a client’s human capital challenges.
  • Be an organization that ensures talented consultants thrive.
  • Develop and maintain differentiating competencies.

  • Accountability: We work effectively, efficiently, and dependably for each other and for our clients.
  • Client Focus: We build trusting relationships with our clients by listening carefully, responding effectively, and meeting our commitments.
  • Collaboration: We value the great outcomes that emerge when collective talents surface the best solution.
  • Empowerment: We cultivate an environment that fosters the growth of intelligent, creative, and industrious people.
  • Transparency: By disclosing our thinking, our decision-making, and by demonstrating our values, we openly interact with our clients and each other building trust with every conversation and action.

The TISOMO Difference

TCG has mastered the connection between strategy and human capital to achieve optimal performance.  We scale our solutions quickly and easily to help organizations of all sizes strengthen this connection, which we believe is the difference that makes the difference.

Whether your company is well established or in the start-up phase, we can provide you with expert guidance on human capital management practices and initiatives to enable your organization to perform optimally and ensure your talent thrives.

competitive advantage

Our Design Principles

Our approach and comprehensiveness regarding the most current science of performance and principles of adult learning differentiate us from our competitors:

  • Design in alignment with a Growth Mindset rather than a Fixed Mindset as communicated by Carol Dweck, a researcher at Stanford University. This means we believe talents and abilities can be developed in all through effort, good teaching, and persistence.
  • Believe in coaching to strengths as identified by Gallup StrengthsFinder®. Coaching all performers—top performers, average performers, and poor performers—offers great benefits beyond improved performance including increasing employee engagement and fostering a culture (community) of leaders as learners by the exchange of relevant, rich conversations. We value the uniqueness and idiosyncrasies of the individual.
  • Use the 70/20/10 model of development as described by Lombardo and Eichinger to ensure the effectiveness of our development. The numbers represent the following breakdowns: 70% of development coming from challenging assignments (application and experiences); 20% from developmental relationships (mentors, coaches, peers) and 10% from coursework and reading.
  • Incorporate neuroscience findings into our development including key concepts as defined by David Rock in his article, “Managing with the Brain in Mind.” Evidence of the use of these findings includes designs that incorporate status, certainty, autonomy, relatedness, and fairness.
  • Apply key ideas from Diversity and Inclusion practices including the use of gender-neutral language, exercises, and experiences that require multiple perspectives to be considered and discussed.
  • Employ multiple methods of instruction including group discussion, teamwork, case studies, and individual reflection.
  • Assess learning, which is rigorous and presented multiple times and ways, to ensure the intended skills and knowledge is acquired.

We Are Passionate About
Building Organizational Capabilities

TCG has a diverse, intelligent and industrious team of professionals on hand as well as established partnerships. Our combined expertise enables TISOMO to design solutions that equip organizations to thrive and win.

Tanya Harris

Tanya Harris

Founder & CEO

As a thought leader and change agent of the human capital landscape in the private and public sector, Tanya provides strategic vision and oversight for TISOMO Consulting Group.


Lori McGraw-Baker

Lori McGraw-Baker

Executive Compensation & Benefits Consultant

Lori is an experienced executive consultant focusing on strategic total rewards and human capital management as key business levers for success.


Helene Tracey

Helene Tracey

Executive Talent & Organizational Development (OD) Consultant

Helene is an accomplished OD practitioner focus on specializing in strengthening the connections between business priorities and strategy, and people to optimize performance.


Cherise Jackson

Cherise Jackson

Senior Compensation Consultant

Cherise is a high performing compensation professional with extensive experience in a variety of fast-paced, deadline driven, rapidly changing environments.



Our strengths include...

Our consultants are top performers from renowned organizations within the technology, healthcare, financial, consumer, restaurant, insurance, and e-commerce space. We have faced the same type of challenges and road-blocks many organizations face and delivered practical solutions on time and budget.  Our business acumen and human capital expertise enable client success. Our team of highly qualified, conscientious consultants have a combined over sixty (60) years of human capital management expertise.


Client Testimonials


TISOMO Consulting Group is dedicated to the “Pay it Forward” philosophy.
We serve as board members, advocates, mentors, and coaches to organizations and individuals.
We believe one person can make a difference.