Perspective: Human Capital Metrics that “Matter”

By: Tanya Harris, SHRM-SCP, PMP How often have you sat in a “strategic planning” session and have heard the phrase, “Measure what is measurable and make measurable what is not so? Many HR professionals and business leaders have heard and even reference the quote penned by Galileo. The truth is that if your organization is […]

Using CliftonStrengths to Bridge Generational Gaps at Work

BY NATE DVORAK AND RYAN PENDELL Everybody loves working for Gary. He’s been a manager at the same manufacturing company for 20 years. He knows every detail about his employees’ lives — from their favorite teams to their kids’ names. He delivers honest, unflinching feedback that makes people carefully examine their performance. And he makes people laugh — […]

Training & OD: Separated at Birth?

By: Allison Rossett I PUBLISHED THIS ARTICLE IN TRAINING magazine 20 years ago. But wait. Stop. Before you pass it over as old news, consider the title and topic. Consider the global move towards talent management. While my experience today reflects siblings who are not at peace, training and organizational development do sometimes work together, […]

Feedback is a Gift – Really?

By: Helene Tracey, M.Ed. In the sincerest effort to help another, know the complexities associated with feedback. Resist the enthusiasm conjured up by gift giving and the expectation that gifts are met with gratitude. Always provide a gift that is thoughtfully chosen and caringly given. The receiver of a gift sets its value. An early definition […]

The Reason for the Season

By: Helene Tracey, M.Ed. As the holiday season appears in the rearview mirror, realize this article’s title, for many, is an applicable phase for the holiday season. Tweak just it a bit to “the reason for the rating” and the phrase applies to the work nearly every manager whose organization still executes a traditional Performance Management […]

Change Nirvana: It Can Be Done

By: Donna Griggs CHANGE. MANY PEOPLE get a knot in their stomach when they hear this word. Sometimes, it is for a good reason: the changes they have been involved in were not successful. In fact, the statistics on change failures are staggering. According to Ashkenas (2013), most studies still show a 60–70% failure rate […]

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